SWD Urethane Website

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Company: SWD Urethane

Role: UX/Web Designer

Task: Update and simplify an out-of-date website that became difficult to use due to years of adding content haphazardly.

Technologies Used: Sketch, Wordpress, HTML/CSS/Javascript

Project overview

SWD Urethane had a site that had become outdated and confusing due to content creation that was tacked on to the site without a plan. The years of content additions had made the site very confusing to use and it was very difficult to find the information that their contractors needed. So, they hired me to rethink the entire flow of information and make the site more usable.

The Challenge

When starting this project, I had no idea how complex spray foam could be. The site had a wealth of information, but weeding through it all and finding what was the most important to the customer was difficult.


Wireframes and Userflows

Planning for this site was very extensive. With so many pages and pieces of content to consider, making sure that all of the most important content was prominent and led to other supporting content was critical. Hundreds of downloadable content needed to be easily accessed as well. Supporting current customers with the necessary documents they needed was equally important to ensuring potential customers that this was the best spray foam to choose.



The solution

The finished product was a much cleaner site that was more visually appealing, but that made it very easy to get to the correct information. Breaking up the site into logical bite-sized chunks made it much less intimidating and there were far fewer calls to customer service asking where to find a specific spec sheet or piece of promotional literature. This in turn improved customer satisfaction as a whole.

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