About Me

I am a designer that uses data to direct my design. I'm one part creative and one part analytical. I am passionate about what I do.

I bridge the gap between creative and technical thinking. I create beautiful interfaces that are erected using pillars of user data. Join me in my quest to understand user behavior and factors that drive decisions.

I'd love to hear about your project and how I can help.

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What others have said about me

"I worked with Dan under his supervision and I would highly recommend him. I always liked his positive attitude towards solving any problems and tasks on our hands. Working with him, no matter how difficult and complex the tasks, was a real pleasure. Always liked his attitude and his frankness. Definitely would work again with him and recommend him."

Cornel Harsan

"Dan worked for me at SRVR, as our "do it all" graphics and UX person. I would definitely recommend him and hire him again - he's a team player, multi-talented and a patient communicator. We had a very small team, and despite lack of resources he helped build out multiple brands and experiences, including digital properties (websites, landing pages, banners), mobile apps and print collateral. He interfaced with our IT staff on complex integrations and was immensely helpful as a senior staff all around. He'll be missed!"

Dana Todd

"Dan is a dedicated designer who listens and connects with the needs of the business and the customer. Working with Dan was a pleasure."

Joshua Liss

"I had the pleasure of hiring Dan and bringing into our team as a UX Developer and Designer. Dan combines both a hunger for learning new technology and the ability to apply the right tools to the right project. In our group, Dan is a problem solver first, which is where his true value lies. Having the ability to identify problems, creatively address those problems and then build the solution from start through HTML is where he earns his points. Dan also works as a conduit between our .net programmers and creative. Ensuring that new product development goes the way it is drawn up is tough at times. With us, Dan has worked on everything from e-commerce to Data Base access programs to app development. All very well.

Creative solution provider. Graphic Artist. UX Designer. HTML programmer. Dan is a value to this company and would be a value to any other I believe. The combination of being technologically forward and having a true marketing intellect makes Dan an asset."

Brian Gosizk